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        RKC-LH07 two-way high-speed CNC slotting machine(flagship model)


        Product performance and features:
        ·RKC-LH07 two-way high-speed NC slotting machine(flagship)is an upgrade of vertical one-way high-speed NC slotting machine.It combines all the advantages of vertical one-way slotting machine.It uses computer numerical control,full servo control,accurate positioning, high processing accuracy, and its working efficiency is 30% higher than that of one-way slotting machine.
        ·Integral frame structure, good stability, working table using super hard die steel, worktable wear is small, four sides can be exchanged
        ·6 alloy cutters are equipped with double tool holder. White steel cutters can be replaced according to the requirements of planer board. The cutting efficiency is very high. It is suitable for all kinds of product planers. It has a wide range of processing applications and meets the actual needs of customers at home and abroad. It is one of the most advanced slot planers in China today.
        ·This machine can be customized into a heavy planing machine for 6MM stainless steel.

        Main technical parameters of products:


        The standard model is RKC-LH07 1250*4000, machine lengthening and widening can be customized, machine color can be customize.

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