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        RKC-DX07 One-way High Speed CNC Slotting Machine(Classic Key)


        Product performance and features:
        ·Combined with the latest slotting machine technology at home and abroad ,it adopts computer numercal control, full servo control, accurate positoning,high processing accuracy, woking efficiencyblock, processing application is very wide.
        ·The whole frame sturcture has good stability,the working table is made of super-hard die steel,the table wear is small,the four sides can be exchanged,and the problem of groove and deformation carused by the low hardness of the working table can be solved thoroughly.The working table can be adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the table(+0.03MM) and solve the problem of influence.Depth accuracy of groove quality.
        ·Improve effciency.With high-power servo motor and planetary reducer,three high-speed steel knives are installed in front and tree carbide knives are installed in back.The maximum groove depth is 1.2MM.crstomers can choose freely according to the requirements of planer board.The cutting efficiency is very high.It is one of the most advanced groove planers at home and abroad.
        ·This machine can be customzed into a heavy planing machine for 6MM stainless steel.

        Main technical parameters of products:


        The standard model is RKC-07 1250× 4000, machine lengthening and widening can be customized, machine color can be customize.

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