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        The conditions for safe operation of slotting machine

        info:   author: date:2020-10-30 view:1596
        In many slotting machine factories, operators are required to pay attention to safety during operation, but how can we operate to ensure our safety? So today we all discuss how to use slotting machine is the safest. If you want to know, look down.

        When we use the slotting machine, we can't put some things that are easy to tilt or slide on the table, and we can't go into the places that can't go in, and don't touch the slotting area when the machine is working. The used tools should be put in the original place. In order to avoid the problems caused by our negligence, our operators should All safety protection equipment should be worn well.

        If there is abnormal sound when we use the slotting machine, we should stop the operation of the equipment and replace the defective parts. Of course, we should also see what the specific problem is. We can also use the micro motion method to check whether there is any foreign matter in it. We can wait until we are sure that there is no problem. If it is some safety parts, we are in general It can't be dismantled at will. We can only operate when we have fixed all the places to be fixed. We should remember that if there is any problem with the slotting machine, we must cut off the power first.

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