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        RKC-08 gantry high-speed CNC slotting machine(touch screen upgrade)


        Product performance and features:
        ·The latest touch screen operating system in Taiwan has the advantages of simple operation, high speed, high efficiency and highcost performance.
        ·Full servo control of machine movement, smooth and efficient cutting process, smooth cutting surface.
        ·The whole machine and sliding table have been heat treated, the overall steel is good, long-term use is not easy to deform.
        ·Four-axis CNC machine with precise positioning and wide processing range.
        ·Hydraulic pneumatic compaction, adjustable material, reliable compaction.
        ·with self-planer function, if the table is not even or defective after long-term use, self-planer function can be used to refresh the machine.

        Main technical parameters of products:


        The standard model is RKC-08 1250x 4000, machine lengthening and widening can be customized, machine color can be customize.

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