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        Wuxishi xinda machinery co.,ltd huishan industrial city located in one of Qianqiao. Adjacent to the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, 312 State Road, Wuxi-Yixing Expressway, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

        Our group of well-known mechanical and domestic design institutes to work together, has formed a high-quality, highly skilled professional team, all kinds of advanced facilities, well equipped. Technology, production, management class.

        My company produced "new ball" brand stainless steel sheet slot machine dedicated to high-grade construction decoration industry, can stainless steel sheet, aluminum, composite aluminum, steel and other sheet metal for V-shaped grooves, making the bending After the workpiece edge radius is extremely small, and reduce the bending of sheet metal bending force needed, the money can also be used for bending the bending side to pre-position, bending side to ensure the accuracy of size correct, is home to promotion in recent years to develop a new type of professional equipment. My company is currently manufacturing slot machines in Wuxi largest and most varied, complete one of the most all manufacturers.

        Taste of high quality, low price, sincere service, return the user's trust.

        Sincerity First, the purpose of my company.

        Our corporate philosophy: innovative technology, standardized management, and train qualified personnel, create quality, perfect service, sincere cooperation.

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